amazn, googl, oracl, zillo, zappo, paypl domain typos

The Internet has substantially helped companies decrease their communication and information handling costs. And, we see many companies take advantage of IT infrastructure to ease their workflow and keep progressing in this very competitive economic world.

And, online business or online presence is something that has been not taken seriously by many companies. Only a few who’ve realized the ground reality of online transactions are constantly securing their virtual walls by way of addressing all short and long term issues affecting their online presence.

And, one such way of protecting your online presence is to secure the typos of your domain name. Misspelled domains/typos of your brand at first appear to be not that worthy but it’s really an important step for companies to secure their online presence. And, one way is to register/buy or win in an udrp such typo names related to your brands. Over the long run, the cost of maintaining such domains will substantially appear as peanuts compared to the advantage/surplus it may generate time and time again.

Let us take some examples of typo domains and how companies are utilizing it: Takes you to It’s smart thinking from Amazon to register/buy such a typo. There could be other amazon typos too that may lead to real site You can skip ‘e’ at the end and still be at Sometimes if you know typo of a company you can save a few keyboard strokes. Still, it’s a good registration by Google. No results showed up for me. If Oracle owns it – it should be forwarded to – and if they don’t then a fix has to be done.

Zillo: Those who’re familiar with Pillow spelling may type correctly. But, what if you write Pillow as Pillo? You’ll be writing Zillow as Zillo too. And, Zillow did it right by getting and forwarding it to I tested it just as learning. And, surprisingly I ended meeting Zappos appear more modern and artful. And, Zappo is like old-fashioned naming. Well Zappos did it right by getting the Zappo too – to clear the confusion I don’t think someone may write pal as PL. But, still, I think, Paypal may benefit by having

Disclaimer: Avoid registering typo names of companies to avoid UDRP proceedings.

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