Are You Dropping a Domain?

It’s a common practice among Domainers to buy, sell as well as drop domain names. Round the year domainers face renewals as they acquire domains during different dates of a year. When renewals comes generally a Domainer has two choices: Keep the domain OR leave the domain to expire. The primary factors taken into account while dropping a domain names are: first, is the domain name has made any parking revenue and second are there any offers on it. If the domain name has made a decent revenue in parking then definitely it’s a keeper as it’s paying its renewal on its own. Also, you can be sure that the offers which you may have received on it might turn into an actual sale if the buyer gets agreed to your quote. Definitely these two factors – parking revenue and offers are good indicator to keep or or leave a domain.

But, there is some thing more you can do to analyse if the domain has any worth. The third factor to help you make a keep or leave decision relating to your domains is to make an online search. Take your domain and type it in Google and to see if any new companies are using a domain similar to yours and which may become your new prospects. Round the year many changes takes place and some new companies may emerge which may have a liking to your domain name. gives more weight to exact match domain results.

I recently was about to leave a domain name but when I made a search I discovered a new company who were using a domain name similar to mine. They registered it in their ccTLD extension and I believe they may have searched for .com first and realized it’s taken and then decided to go with their ccTLD extension. Seeing this I changed my mind and renewed the domain for one more year in order to send my new prospect an email to see if they are interested in my domain name.

4 thoughts on “Are You Dropping a Domain?”

  1. There are some domains which I sold in past which made zero in parking revenue and had no inquiries as well. But since I knew the value of that domain and waited for the right buyer to come and sold in four figures.

    That’s a good decision made from you. Try to reach them out and see if they have any interest in buying your .com

    1. Thanks for your feedback! I’ve reached them by mail as well as phone but not got any positive reply. Maybe they’re not interested at this time, but since I’ve the .com I hope they may realize in future it’s worth having.

  2. That’s why I feel more comfortable buying domains where there are more than a few potential endusers for each domain so if one declines, the other might be interested…

    1. I agree with you and its a good point to be taken into account while registering or bidding on a domain name.

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