Buying Dot Com is Difficult

Whether you are having an existing business or starting a new business. Online identity in the form of a website/URL/domain name is important. Social media handles are supplementary whereas a domain name with a well-developed business website is fundamental and imperative.

Once you know you need a domain. The next step followed usually was to find a dot com domain name that matches the name of your business. And, it is a good practice to not include the entity aspect in the domain name. Only include the Name+Business Category like SuperiorSteel or a two-word business name like Microsoft. (Micro+soft).

Avoid using the location, entity type like LLC, CORP, INC, Co, Company, Etc.

All is good until you find the domain name online with the intention of securing a dot com name. Good or not good most of the dot com domains are registered. And, are either parked and for sale or are used by existing business online.

If it’s parked and for sale – you need to shell out whatever dollar amount you zeroed with the domain investor after negotiation.

And, if your budget is not in line with the dot com owner. Then, you are left with these options.

  1. Buy the dot com domain name from the owner on payment plans if it’s workable.
  2. Add Some prefix or suffix to your company name and register it as a dot com domain name. Example SuperiorSteelInc .com
  3. Change your company name and come up with a name that is available under dot com extension for hand registration or for the cost you likely spend affordably.
  4. Buy dot com alternatives like .co, .net, .me, .io or any gtld

There are many small to medium-sized businesses that don’t get the dot com they want. And, in some cases, even the ccTLD for them is not available. The alternative is to find a non-dot com and non-ccTLD domain name that can do the work for you.

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