What is Called Hand Registering a Domain Name

In domaining, hand registering a domain name means any domain name which is readily available to register and own at any domain registrars for a registration fee or cost. Technically speaking, it’s called hand registering a domain name.

Now, it’s often said, that, if you want to be a successful domainer – you must not hand register a domain name. Instead, you should find valuable names from pending delete list and place a backorder on it or participate directly at domain aftermarket auction houses like Godaddy, Namejet, Dropcatch, etc.

Every day, thousands of domains drop, and renewed too. There are umpteen reasons why a particular domain gets dropped. But, the reality is even valuable domains get dropped and are picked by auction houses which sells them at a greater profit.

Now, in those dropped names – some are registered again when they are completely dropped. Should we call them a hand registered the domain name? In my view, we should not call┬áthose domain names as hand registered. Because the investor has:

  1. Gone through thousands of domains to find value in some.
  2. Has patiently waited for the time at which the domain becomes available to register again.
  3. The domain was previously registered and has some history.

So what is called hand registering a domain name? I will say the following:

  1. A domain which was never ever registered before
  2. Registration was based on an original idea or thought
  3. The dot-com extension is readily available

Well, if you meet the above criteria then call your domain a hand registered domain name. And, if it’s not but still you get that at a reg fee then call them as a pick from pending delete list.

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