The .com Business Naming Disorder

The .com Business Naming Disorder! What it’s? There are millions of businesses who don’t have an established website and even a domain name. I live in India – and, there are plenty of small businesses who’re not online. But, they use for some reason an email or have some kind of presence in leading social media websites. But, no websites and a business email.

But, if someone has a domain – I feel something not well with that domain name. When a business chooses a domain especially .com which is long and confusing. For example, I noticed a business who is dealing in steel is using the domain (Identity changed) whereas the domain was available.

My opinion is that if the .com is not available for sale. And, is used by some other business. Then, don’t establish your business website on that particular keyword .com using the country name or some kind of another keyword as a suffix or a prefix.

Instead, grab the country code top-level domain (if it’s available). And, establish your business website on that. It’s simple! is not better than because is long, uses the hyphen. And, it’s more susceptible to leaking traffic even emails to Whereas is clean and clear. Although misses the .com – it’s still more relevant and applicable especially to a business that is national and local.

The basic and epic point of this article is don’t be so adherent .com lover. Only one .com exists for one business. And, once it’s gone. It’s gone forever. (Most of the cases). And, if you are having a local/small business it makes sense to go with a ccTLD domain or alternative .com domain name without compromising on exact match name of your business.

And, if you still want a .com – then consider changing your business name to a .com domain which is not yet used by a business and is for sale. But, don’t register a .com domain with confusing suffixes and prefixes that are not exactly matchable to your business name.

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