Don’t Share a Sale

“I don’t really share the domain names I sell or sales prices of domain names” Elliot Silver

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Well, Share a Sale is a philosophy that says ‘lets everybody knows you’re making sales’. In Domain Investing there are investors who can be divided into 4 groups:

  • 1)Those who share every sale they made
  • 2)Those who don’t share any of their sales
  • 3)Those who share it partially
  • 4) Those who share the amount sold for but not the domain name

Well, here are some reasons domain investors don’t want to share a sale:

  • NDA – Non Disclosure Agreement – The buyer of the domain name binds the seller with an NDA to not make public the sale agreement. In such cases, the seller obviously has to follow the NDA clause. As not following it may result in a legal suit.
  • Idea Protection: Elliot Silver says that he doesn’t share a sale because by sharing a sale someone gives an idea to other investors on what is selling in the market. And, as a result, the original seller may miss the opportunities to register more names related to that sale.
  • Negative Influence: There are lots of investors small, medium, and big in the domain space. Some investors feel that sharing a sale may hurt somebody who is struggling to make a sale.
  • Making Money: Some investors like to keep it private the amount of money they are making through domain investing. Due to privacy and security issues, they just don’t want to blast the news through the roof that they are making tons of money in domain investing.
  • Security and Privacy: The more you share your domain sales openly and publicly the more security and privacy issues you may experience. So sellers in the domain investing which comes from every part of the world – set their own preferences when it comes to sharing or not sharing domain name sales
  • Other Reasons: What we regularly see on Namebio and DNJournal and Namepros Forum is just the tip of the iceberg. That means there are plenty of domain name sales which go unreported
  • Ignorant Sellers: It is my thinking that people may still be buying a domain and selling it. And, not at all using any reporting platforms. They just don’t know there exist; or to report their domain sales. Because they maybe not regular domain investors. But, struck the domain deal with someone.
  • Barter System: Sometimes we may have to assume that domain name sales are not occurring on a cash basis. Someone may be offering in return something and sale are happening. For example, a businessman may offer a website designer a good domain name and in return ask for his business website development.

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