Expiry Dates of Google.com, Facebook.com, Twitter.com & More

Ex-Googler Sanmay Ved was the lucky buyer of Google.com, if only for a minute according to an article at business insider here. Are big companies not renewing the domain names for longer period? If you visit your Godaddy account – you’ll find that it offers a 9 years period for you to renew a domain name in advance.

It makes sense to renew a domain for 9 or even for more years if it’s a valuable business asset. And, it’s not a good option if you renew the most important asset of your business for a period of 1 or two years – even if you’ve set it on auto renewal.

Well, here is the list of current expiry dates of some of the world’s most top ranked online brands as of this writing:

Registration Date:1997-09-15
Expiration Date:2020-09-13 (2 years to expire)
Updated Date:2018-02-21

Registration Date:1997-03-29
Expiration Date:2028-03-30 (renewed for 10 years)
Updated Date:2018-07-23

Registration Date: 2000-01-21
Expiration Date:2020-01-21 (Less than 2 years)
Updated Date:2016-11-08

Registration Date:2002-11-02
Expiration Date:2020-11-02 (2 years to expire)
Updated Date:2017-02-02

Registration Date:2004-06-04
Expiration Date:2027-06-04 (Good expiry date)
Updated Date:2018-03-01

Registration Date:1987-02-19
Expiration Date:2021-02-20 (3 years expire time)
Updated Date:2017-07-06

Registration Date:2005-02-15
Expiration Date:2019-02-14 (less than a year remaining)
Updated Date:2018-01-14

Registration Date:1999-03-02
Expiration Date:2021-11-01


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