Finding Alternative Domains or any other service does a great job of finding relevant domain names for the given keyword. But, what if you want to find domain names similar to your domain names but it’s an acronym of your full-length domain name or you have an acronym domain and you want to find a full-length domainname. How you will do it?

In order to illustrate it further – let me give you an example of my own domain name. I have a domain name which is | wtext in dot com | Now, we all know that text can be written as TXT also. Remember the TXT Record. Or it could also me text. Now, if I analyse this domain name length it’s a 5 letter domain name. And, we all know that all 4 letter domain names are taken. And, it’s a huge plus for a 5 letter domain name.

Now, my next idea will be to see what is there in wtxt(.)com website. And, what results Google is showing for such a domain name. The better the results the good is for my own domain name. Because, most of the people will not type text as txt. Whether in Google or in browser. So, as a result of this – traffic fro wtxt get leaks to wtext domain name. So, see which of your domain name can be classified in this category.

Further I have other 5 letter domains like Diloz, Lirza, Ovaqo, Bexra, etc. Out of these – I can see what is there at Dloz domain name, LRZA, Bxra, etc. You have to note also that certain asian languages skip the vowels. For example you write Lirza in arabic as like this ???? I And, when they transliterate it into roman English – The Arabs tend to follow the Arabic Letters so they end up writing it as LRZA.

Though often search results and established end-users are important but some little knowledge can be helpful too.

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