Get a Domain That Exactly Matches Your Company Name

Some companies over the years of their dedicated and professional services to their clients have a good name or goodwill in the market. For a moment leave aside big multinational giants. Some smaller companies too have a good reputation at least locally and some clients of them refer other new customers to these companies without any bias.

Now for example if your company name is ‘ABCD’ and you’ve not able to secure the ‘’ because some other companies internationally may have acquired it then you may opt for ‘ABCD+Any keyword variable like co, inc, country name, etc.) And, then you’re up with a domain name for your company. lets assume the name to be and you’re happy to have it.

But, this practice might prove expensive sometimes. Just imagine, I know your company name and I told some of my business acquaintances that ABCD is good in so and so products. They may unassumingly email you at and guess what! The email has reached a company that is not intended to receive such an email. The email was supposed to be sent to your company at but the customer is not aware that you own a different domain name which is not exactly to your company name.

Such a mistake may cost companies loss in revenues because of loss of inquiries. Understand that will not be in a position to determine that this message is intended for as they may regard it as a junk email. Just don’t expect it to be forwarded from there to you.

Hence it’s important that you own a domain name that matches your company name exactly without adding any co, Inc, dash or any other keyword variable to your company name. More often it’s hard to get your company name on the internet as some other companies may too have that name in different country for different class of industry or maybe similar to yours. But, this doesn’t mean that the road has ended.

You have the following option to secure your company name as an exact domain name:

1.Contact the company that owns your exact match company name and see if they are in a position to sell it to you.

2.If the above company doesn’t want to sell it to you then try securing your name under a different TLD and then workout smartly to alert your consumers that you own an exact match company name under so and so TLD. Dot com is assumed automatically but sometimes it’s just not available for any cost.

3.If the domain of your choice is not owned by a company and the website is not up then the chances are that it’s in the hands of a Domainer. Just get in touch and negotiate a deal as fast as you can.

4.New gTLDs are coming and it makes sense to register your exact match company name under the relevant gTLD category. For example if you sell equipments then register your company name under dot equipment category.

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