Get The Typo of Your Domain Name

Ask someone who is not well familiar with the spelling of Xerox – He will say it starts with the letter ‘Z’. There then, it was not a problem at all (for xerox) before the age of internet that ‘Z’ would have made any impact on sales. But, in this age of internet – if you don’t register a domain name typo you may lose some decent traffic. And, maybe sales too.

That’s the reason why it’s a prudent practice to register domain names that are typo of your originally spelled name. This is the reason why companies register the typo domains and sometimes wins them through trademark filings to secure their brand. Brand protection is indeed sales protection.

Lets look at some of the examples, all typos takes you to the original website.

In my research while writing this post, found some big companies have not registered their typo and are used as a parked pages. I am not naming them here. But, it’s really advisable for big companies and even companies who have decent conversion through internet to secure their typo names especially in the dot com extensions.

Sometimes, it becomes a necessity to get the typo domain name in order to avoid phishing and fraud attempts by the typo domain holders. For example owned by (there is zero instead of letter 0) so, it’s good to manually think of typos and also take the help of the tools available online. you may use the tool to generate typo domains

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