Good Domain Name Equals More Active Websites

There are various methods to determine if a domain name is good, average, or just not worth of registration. It’s important to know before acquiring a domain name whether it’s a good buy or not. For investors as well as companies buying a good domain name is not that an easy process.

let’s say you are looking to register/acquire a given domain name. But, you are not sure if it’s worth or not. A simple way to determine the quality of a domain name is to see how many active websites are live for a given domain name. The more the active websites consisting of that keyword the better the domain name.

Parked domain names and unused domain names give some idea also – but it is the established websites that are more important. Established websites have more information to offer to you than an unused domain name. An established and live websites help the domain investor identify the company, the people, turnover, location, social media stuff, and so on.

The more the active number of websites surrounding or consisting of the keyword the more the value of the domain name. If you have stumbled upon a great domain name but on the research, you find very few companies are actually using that term as a domain name for their business then it may be a signal that this domain is not going to be so worthy.

So, look for domain names – the keyword of which is already in use by many companies or websites and avoid just looking at the number of registrations a particular domain name is having around multiple extensions.

Another good tip is to see how many websites are live that are actually built around the .com top-level-domain extension. The more the .com’s the more valuable your .com is going to be.

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