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Here are some hand reg domain inspiring stories. Most of the domain investors see the hand registration path as safest while entering into the domain space. It offers two main advantages – the first gives you more domain names and the second it fits your budget. Though the road of domain hand registration is often regarded as unsafe due to the lack of saleability of such domain names. And, it’s quite true because not everyone succeeds in selling hand registration domains for high figures. Anyhow, leaving aside all the negative things related to hand registrations – here are some inspiring stories based on hand registration.

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Here are some of the sales for reference: Actual link is given below:

1 https://www.namepros.com/threads/sold-semenretention-com-17-999-hand-reg.1200448/
2 https://www.namepros.com/threads/whoadomain-com-sold-handreg-bullionblocks-com-for-8-000.1208259/page-3#post-7950794
3 https://www.namepros.com/threads/sold-a-hand-regged-18-characters-com-for-10-000-usd.1217940/#post-8054728
4 https://tldinvestors.com/2016/05/a-hand-reg-home-run-and-why-you-need-patience.html
5 https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/coinmenacom-sold-25000-hand-registered-archimedes
6 https://domaininvesting.substack.com/p/morgans-weekly-substack-august-23rd

Above are just some of the domain names that have sold and are reported. Here is another example of a hand registered domain name that is as old as the Internet and which was registered by the DomainKing ‘Rick Schwartz’ which shares the story of this domain name here

Also, it must be noted that brandable marketplaces such as SquadHelp.com, BrandBucket.com, Brandpa.com regularly accept hand registered domain names (if it meets their brandable domain criteria) and some get sold within months and some takes years to sell. And, some are still waiting for the buyer.

Is there money to be made from Hand registering domain names? – the answer is not short enough. So, here I am sharing some of the links providing in-depth information and ideas related to hand registering a domain name. Here are those:

There are still many opportunities in registering domains that can garner excellent returns on investment. However, you must have realistic expectations. The vast majority of hand registrations, that is registrations at bottom prices (purchased at 10 or more dollars per year), have the potential of yielding 1000 percent or more from the base registration price… read more

BlogSpotter says “Because there are only a handful of people who are really good in Hand registering domains. It is not even a domaining skill anymore. It is like being a great guitarist, or a golfer, or an artist. There are a few types of Hand reggers that I am aware of. read the discussion here.

Bob Hawkes “Most domain name investors start out with hand registrations. Many later move on to acquiring domain names mainly through expired auctions or closeouts. While it is true that many of the best domain names were registered long ago, creative domain investors can occasionally find worthwhile names available to register. Hand registration is particularly applicable to niches such as new social trends, emerging technologies, and some types of brandable names. The thread for reporting completed domain name sales includes many recent hand registrations. In this article, I look at some ways to evaluate a potential hand registration, along with hints for finding available names.” Read here.

The general view about hand registrations is that all good domain names are taken. And, one really has to spend a lot of time involving research, selection, and then registering a domain name. And, most hand reg domain names don’t get sold early. So, one has to wait for a long time also. But, to speed up things one has to pick domain names from aftermarket places such as Godaddy, Namejet Auctions, SEDO, Dropcatch, Etc.

At the same time, it must be noted that there are investors who do hand registrations of .com, .co, and so on when a particular domain registrar runs a promotion. This gives them the chance to reg a name for under $1 and it reduces the risk factor. They get more domains for one-tenth of the cost. And, by selling thru outbound or inbound inquiries profit is reached. One really has to see all the factors. But, don’t wait for promotion if you find a good hand reg available.

Edit: There are many successful hand registration domain stories. But, we can only see what is being shared. And, sometimes it’s easy to miss something. But, thanks to Siddhesh Patwardhan who after reading this post told me that I have missed one very important story. And, this is the story of a domain name which was registered just 4 years ago and sold for $300,000. Here is the screenshot from DNJournal report for the same:

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