I’m Dropping Ten .Me Domain Names

Last year I registered 10 .me domain names at Namecheap.com when they ran a promotion allowing the registrant to register 10 dot me domain names for US$10/- I registered the following 10 .me domain names:

1.System Analyst.me
2.Business Speaker.me
4.Costume Designer.me
5.HR Specialist.me
6.Media Consultant.me
8.Hotel Manager.me
9.General Manager.me
10.Copy Editor.me

I parked all these domain names at SEDO and none made any revenue. Off late I learned that two word .me names don’t do well and extremely low number of two word .me names do well. I’ve two other .me names that are HomeDecor.me and IslamicBanking.me. These both I’m going to hold for further period to see if some offers comes on that. .Me names do well at Middle East. Most of the middle east companies who cannot afford .com and don’t want to pay high prices for .ae domains tends to prefer .me domains. And, also, companies who want to have a total middle east expansion of their activities brand on .me names.

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  1. Thanks for the above comment! I think as a Domainer I don’t need to hold these names but I see value in these .me names for professionals related to these fields.

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