Intended Vs Actual Use of Top Level Domains

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TLD/ccTLDIntended ForActual Use
COMCommercial EntitiesUsed for general purposes and is widely regarded as the standard for TLDs
NETNetwork infrastructureISPs; miscellaneous sites; used sometimes when desired name is not available in .com
ORGMiscellaneous organizations not fitting in other categories (generally noncommercial)Nonprofits; personal sites; open-source projects; some government websites; mostly used by non-commercial entities
INFOInformational WebsitesUsed for General Purposes  
BIZFor BusinessesVarious Uses
MOBIMobile content providersMobile products and services websites
CO Second-level domains ( and country-code second-level domain names (ccSLDs) are intended for global use:Alternative to .com РThis domain is also widely used in Colombia. Also, is liked by startups
IOEntities connected with  British Indian Ocean TerritoryPopular with startup companies and browser games; little if anything related to the territory itself.
MEEntities connected with  MontenegroPositions itself for global use like a personal namespace; can be registered and used for any purpose. Used by businesses in Maine, Middle East, and Montenegro and is popular for domain hacks.
AIEntities connected with  AnguillaUsed for some sites based in Anguilla, as well as for websites of companies working in the artificial intelligence (AI) industry; second- and third-level registrations are available worldwide, despite minimal usage.
USEntities connected with the  United StatesUsed in the United States but not as widely as gTLDs
U.S. state and local governments (declining in favor of .gov)
Some American businesses as alternative to .com
Domain hacks (e.g.
TVEntities connected with Tuvalu.Marketed commercially for use in television or video-related sites; can be registered and used for any purpose; little use in Tuvalu
CCEntities connected with Cocos IslandsA varied assortment of sites, Such as cricket, cycling, christian church, few of them relating to those islands
GGEntities connected with GuernseyPopular in Guernsey, gaming, and esports websites
PWEntities connected with  PalauDedicated namespace to use as a professional identity on the web; can be registered and used for any purpose
PROBusiness use by qualified professionalsInternet & information technology professionals, consultants, real estate professionals, financial and accounting professionals, engineers, lawyers, communications professionals, medical professionals
WSEntities connected with  Samoa
Not used much inside Samoa, popular for domain hacks
IMEntities connected with the  Isle of ManPersonal domain names for instant messaging users, instant messaging websites, trademarks and local Isle of Man businesses

Used Wikipedia for compiling the above data. I have selected the TLDs and ccTLDs which are generally considered by domain investors and businesses alike. Though there are countless domain extensions but the above domain names have different usages then it was intended for.

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