Is Good Domain Enough?

Every domain investor learns this important aspect of domaining that having a portfolio of good domain names is not enough. Why I am saying this? Because good domain names may have limited appeal. And, their wholesale and retail values are not that super high.

Even – while making a BIN on that – you think a lot. As you do not want to dissuade a prospective buyer from owning your domain name. Play safe is the logic that comes to action with such names.

Good domains are those names that you’re afraid to put a value of BIN greater than a low four-figure. The more you own such names the more investing issues you are going to face in the future.

So, the alternative to it is choosing excellent domain names. A domain name that has higher wholesale and retail values. As well as it is related to an industry that is worth billions of dollars. So, you know the prospective end-user may spend a high five-figure to six-figure to own it.

So, before deciding the BIN – read the industry worth for which your domain is suitable. This gives you a fair idea about BIN threshold.

If your portfolio consists of excellent and highly lucrative category of names – one big sale can offset to a great extent the low averages yielded from selling low-premium-quality-good names. And, I have seen many investors whose one important sale changed the course of their domain investing business.

Acquiring excellent and high premium domain names is not that easy – but the returns are great. And, one can flip a couple of low-quality names to gain one excellent domain name.

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