Low Bin With High Quantity OR High Bin With Less Quantity

When it comes to domain name investing, you are left with two choices:

Low Bin With Higher Quantity of Domains OR
High Bin With Lower Quantity of Domains

With more and more domains in your portfolio, it makes sense to set low BIN’s so that your inventory moves faster. This enables and helps in recovering renewal cost and other business expenses. It’s eseential that you put BIN’s which are reasonable on domain names that are not premium in its very nature.

On the other hand if you have lesser domain names, then you can put a high bin and wait and watch. Since the cost of renewal is low and the time spent is low. The investor can wait to get higher returns on domain names he has invested in it. Lesser quantity of domains also helps one to focus on better names. The investor can put a high bin or negotiate a better deal.

If you don’t own higher count of domains neither a good quality of lesser names, then you need to individually price the domains based on

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