New gTLDs = More Domaining Opportunities

I sense that Domaining is not coming to an end with the new gTLDs where a particular registrant may have several extensions to choose the right domain. In fact, it will create more opportunities for the domainers. Before Domaining was very limited to .com and few other TLDs but now a Domainer can have multiple choices to accelerate and build his domain portfolio.
When it comes to a .com, a good exact match domain with good searches and a brandable/generic dictionary names consider of high value. And, with regards to the new gLTDs a good combination of right of the dot and left of the dot may create more value. A recent example of such a combination was, Net.Work,, 3D.Software, etc.
At present the main problem faced by domainers is the management issue. How can one possibly invest in all new gTLDs when the aftermarket value is uncertain and odds of facing failures are high. These are the basic issues which is keeping most of the Domainers at bay when it comes to investing in new gTLDs. There are only very few Domainers who are sensibly investing in new gTLDs and some are reaping rewards too.

There exists a group of Domainers who feel that they can grab new gTLDS too from the expired domain auctions if that particular new gTLD succeeds in registration figures as well as shoots up in the aftermarket value. It’s a good idea but it has to be noted that the drop for good new gTLDs will not become easily available. Because, most of the premium new gTLDs are being registered by Domain investors or held by registry who will have better control on these genre of domains. Back in .com early days – the domain awareness was not much and so drops were happening regularly for the top notch premium domains – still occasionally some top .com domains gets dropped. So, I think this watch and play policy may not result in greater advantage. So, in order to take the full advantage some domainers are getting early into these new gTLDS. I think it’s a terrific opportunity to small time Domainers like myself to register premium new gTLDs through early access program or through early registrations for speculative purposes. If you think Domaining is now dying you should reevaluate the scenario, because still more than half of the worlds population is not using internet, many local businesses needs to get a domain to go online, and every day thousands of startups are starting who’re looking for a domain for their company. Also don’t forget that existing companies too requires names for rebranding and for their new offerings and products. Name requirements will never end and so Doamaining is going to stay for some more period.

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