Number of Ideas Vs Number of Domain Names

Are you the kind of a person who registers domain names whenever an idea comes to mind?
If yes, then stop and think again. Further I presume you to be a non-domainer.

Registering domain names not cost you much but keeping a domain for every bit of your idea may drain your financial and personal resources and may also create a lack of focus mindset. Everyday we may get ideas to better our lives and those around us and some people have a tendency to register a domain relevant to that idea so that they can build the necessary foundation under that name.

It’s good but if you’re just registering domain names and not at all developing them then you’re wasting time, efforts and money especially if you’re registering new domain names instead of borrowing them from the aftermarket.

The good practice is to develop your ideas book and brainstorm on your ideas. Then select a very few limiting to 3 ideas and get appropriate domain names from the aftermarkets. Instead if you register a new domain name which is not a perfect match then you’re inviting trouble on your idea. Buying an aged and appropriate domain that fits your idea gives you two benefits:

1.It’s exact: People will be clearly able to associate your domain name and idea which builds trust.
2.Resale: All good and valued domains bought through aftermarket can be sold for profit.

However, the downside to it is that you’ll not get domain for cheap dollars and you’ve to pay what the Domainer thinks is the right price for his or her domain name.

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