Renew Domains In Advance

The world at present is going through a pandemic. Public gatherings were called off. Cities are getting lockdown, several industries like entertainment, sports, travel, events, seminars, are all advanced to another date or postponed indefinitely.


Since domain names is international. And, there are several domainers who do domain business and are living in different parts of the world. Although their numbers are quite very low.

And, as we all know that CoronaVirus can impact anybody at any time. And, once it’s detected on a human. The health authorities will take measures by simply quarantining the person.

This is not actually recommended but if you can – renew your most important domains that are about to expire in 1-3 months of time from now. Or set those names on auto-renewal. So, if anything happens to you and you’re quarantined – renewals will not stop.

Another good practice is to involve your family in the domain business. Share with them how they can access the registrar website, login, and review names. And, also, it’s good if you introduce your family members to some of your close fellow domainers. So, they can continue to benefit from domains if some unexpected events turn up.

Stay clean – Stay healthy – Follow the advisory.

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