Rent a Car an Example of How Businesses Register Domain Names.

Analysis of a rent a car domain name. is a leader when it comes to analyzing the domain names. It’s very informative to note how Business owners name a domain name.

The psychology of domain naming can be traced and understood by researching the names already registered by the businesses and individuals.

I have a domain name ‘RentaCarCo.Com’ and I did a research to understand how people have used this commonly used term in car rental business to name their internet presence. I added the ‘CO’ to mean a company.

I used DomainTools to check how many domains are there with a starting string ‘RENTACAR’ and it showed around 4071 results to-date without hyphen and numbers. 4071 is a big number but relatively small if you take the number of countries and cities where the demand for rental cars is well established.

I trim my analysis to just domain names and made the following observations.

1.Geo-Domain: It’s a very popular domain where a domain registrant puts his city or state name first. Examples: Rentacaradelaide, Rentacar-Germany, Rentacar-Greece. Some use hyphen and some don’t.
Geo domain are popular and first choice and search wise Geo Domains do well. If a registrant don’t get a geo of his choice then the registrants adds ‘IN’ in between the domain name. Example: RentacarINlahore, Rentacarinlondon. The creative minded people are all out there.

2.Adding company name: Some business owners add their company name after the rent a car keyword. Example:; NationalRentaCar;; etc. It’s also a good option as long as rentacar keyword is placed in the domain name. But, search wise it has low growth.

3.Adding the entity name like ‘CO’ for company, ‘INC’ for incorporation, ‘LLC’ for limited liability company and terms like ‘SOLUTION’ GROUP, Global, world, etc. Are also some options people creatively use to name their business under dot com.

4.Some registrant use an adjective like rent a car advantage, (Advantage is a Trademark). cheap rent a car, bestrentacar.

5.Verb: Some register with a verb like ‘rent a car and go’, ‘hire rent a car’, ‘afford rent a car’, etc.

6.Ratings : Some use ‘AAA’ as a rating form to name their domain name like AAArentacar.

7.Place : Some registrant have used local words to name rent a car. Example: Abroad rent a car, city rent a car, area rent a car, airport rent a car, etc.

8.Numerals : adding 1rent a car, 2rent a car, at front or after the rent a car domain name. like rentacar123 or 123rentacar. and any lucky numbers as the registrant thinks to be. Sometimes its toll free numbers like 888 rent a car, or 911rent a car.

9.Trademarks: Some unaware of trademark law, may use automobile companies car brand names in front or at end of the keyword rent a car.

10-use of A-z rent a car 1-9 rent a car, all rent a car.

11-Keyword Rich terms : whose search are high and has good cpc rate are also acquired. mostly its registered by Domainers who sell to end users.

13- Some other ways registrant have used to name a domain using the keyword rent a car are like Passenger rent a car, Travelrent a car, Journeyrentacar, etc.

14-Some more options: For creative minded options are not limited. I did a surface research and not an in-depth and that is why I don’t endorse above as final ‘ways’ people name their domain names. If research is done the list can be too long. I used rent a car as an example and I hope it applies to most of the other generic keyword domain names too.

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