A Sale Is Not Over Until It’s Fully Paid

A Sale Is Not Over Until It’s Fully Paid. Domain name industry is purely a virtual one. The exchange of domain names relies more on how the software at the registrar works. One crucial factor in domain names is the price. Domain investors are at liberty to change/modify the current prices of their respective domain names at any time. And, generally, it’s taken care by the software at the registry or marketplace.

Recently I read an interesting post at Namepros started by @heartsforhemp where a premium listing sale occurs. And, everything went in an auto mode which includes a congratulation email to the domain investor. But, later a manual check at the Godaddy revealed that it not get sold for the modified price, but the price that was prevalent before the domain investor made the changes.

From the above thread, it’s clear that a sale is not over until it’s fully paid. Especially a domain investor has to take care when a large amount of sale happens on auto mode. For smaller sales also it holds true, but it’s manageable if some payment issues occur later.

I too have posted a comment saying that “Should confirmation of the BIN changes be made through email? Will it solve this issue. I don’t think currently any registrar/marketplace follows such a practice.¬† It’s however very disappointing to receive a huge cut on a premium listing”.

What I’ve expressed is an idea that any changes to pricing should be confirmed by email. The marketplaces such as Godaddy, Undeveloped, Efty, Sedo, should make a system where once a price (BIN) is changed an email is sent to the domain investor with the changes. Plus regular price changes should be disabled. For example, a maximum of 2 or 3 price changes should be allowed per domain name. I think this is important to protect the interest of both the registrar and the domain investor.

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