The Domain Name Uses

  • Website: Generally domain names are registered with the intention and goal of developing a business or personal website. Predominantly it’s the ‘most often’ first use why a domain name is registered.
  • Park it: If you own a domain name that has good search results in the search engine – then you can think of parking it with a domain parking company. When you park your domain name – relevant ads directly related to your domain name are shown. When the user visits it thru type-in or thru search engine – and click the ads – the owner of that particular domain name makes money. The highest I made per click for a financial domain name was $8 – this really astonished me.
  • Forward it: If you are already running a website and still have other domain names – you can simply forward it to your own primary domain name. For Example – is the primary website where users come every day in millions. They own many other domain names too. And, for example, if you click you’ll still be taken to It means is actually getting forwarded to
  • Forward Category Names: Google owns and when you visit you’ll be taken to Google Pay is a Google product serving the financial needs of the people. Now, taking this clue as a lead generation tool – You may think of adding/buying domain names that are relevant to your main product category or brand and simply forward it to your main website.
  • Unresolved Domain Page: If you don’t want to park, forward, or run a website – you may simply not display anything on the domain page. Somebody when visits it – the domain page doesn’t show up.
  • Use for Emails: Another use of domain names is to use it for email purposes. You don’t need to necessarily build a website and have an email. Emails can still be added or used on a domain name without the website. So, instead of using public email addresses like Gmail or Outlook – You may simply use your own domain name for a professional email.
  • Forward to Social Accounts: If you use your First name or First and last name as a domain name and have no intention of developing it – you may simply forward that to your Twitter or Facebook account. Or just build a website around it featuring all your social links. So, instead of giving someone a long Youtube or Facebook link. You simply give them your whatever.whatever domain name which can act as an address identifier.
  • Sell it: Perhaps it’s the goal of most of the domain name investor – If you’re not a domain name investor but own some valuable domain name that is good for some other business or person – then – simply – sell it to them. Many domain investors constantly look for stealth acquisition and if you approach them – they will be glad to offer you a price.

Above are some of the uses for which a domain name can be put to use. Domain names are increasingly becoming popular. And, with more than 370 million domains in TLD registration – the possibility of more and more registrations in the coming years is undoubtedly high. And, it simply means – you need to register a domain for your business (if it’s not yet purchased) and for your own self.

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