Transferring Domains to Epik

I am transferring away from my small number of brandable and some keyword-based domains to One thing I care about Epik is the cost of renewals which is below $8.50

Such a deal is available to Namebright too – but, Epik’s landers and the marketplace is quite simple and good. So, I decided to put and transfer my domains there.

I transferred so far from my Godaddy account to Epik and also from Uniregistry to Epik.

From Uni to Epik the transfer was the fastest one.

All you have to do is to visit Epik and initiate the transfer.

Second thing is to put the auth code there. And, at the same time, you’ve to unlock domains at the current registrar. And, it’s done.

But, at the current registrar you to approve the transfer. In the case of Uni – it was releasing domains. When I initiated it – it prompted me that the auto wait period is 36 hours. And, I reconfirmed my details for doing the instant transfer.

Well, I hope Epik will serve the domaining community better.

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