Where Are These Domain Name Blogs?

Like domain names, it seems blogs also needed renewal every month/week so that they are being read by readers. But, sometimes Domain Names gets dropped similarly people leave their own blog or just drop the pen so no more writing and sharing. In line with these thoughts – I am sharing here some of the domain industry blogs which were once active but now are like a once upon a time case.

Here are those Blogs

DomainPick.com: It was a very popular blog written by Mark Hershisher – The post usually consisted of dropped domain names on that particular day followed by some other personal and domain industry stuff. The picks were quite excellent – and if you see those names now you may wish and say ‘I would have backordered those.” Good to see the website is up and still accessible.

ImpulseCorp.com Eric Borgos was the founder of this website. It is again one of those good websites about domain names and also websites that were a good read. This text is from Amazon link where it is stated that “He (Eric) is also an active domain name investor, having bought and sold over 10,000 domains. In 2008, he sold his Bored.com website for $4.5 million and continues to actively develop new sites. I think it should get back to domaining.com feed section. Also, except for four recent posts – most of the posts are quite old.

DotWeekly.com: This blog was quite well-known for revealing domain name purchases by big corporations. The last blog post appeared to be dated December 23, 2018. But, one good thing is Jamie Zoch actively shares tweets thru his twitter handle. And, he writes for uniregistry which is great.

Ricksblog.com: The last blog post was Posted on November 18th, 2019 at 6:08 am | Comments (41) I think it’s the oldest domain name blog in the virtual space. This blog doesn’t need any introduction – because it was written by the Domain King – Rick Schwartz – who with his virtualutionary ideas and business sense inspired many investors. His blog has still many great posts full of ideas and domain worthiness.

OmarandWill.com: Though not that active website with regards to domain names. But, whatever post they were posting was quite good. The website is down and its authors are also not active at Namepros.

DomainSquared.com: This domain blog was also quite good. With daily domain picks and authors, personal experience as a domain investor was quite good to note. The website is down.


ZandiBot.com or Alizandi.com: His DomainSherpa interview/episode How to Sell Domain Names Like a Super Seller on Flippa – With Ali Zandi was the highest in terms of comments and perhaps maybe views too. He was having his own blog which is down now. But, here is a web archive link of those articles he has written during those days – which are still relevant. Also, he founded Starfireholdings.com which sold token/s.com domain

There may be more than just the above. Above are some of the blogs which I used to read and were actively publishing content.

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