Why Companies Ignore An Exact Match

An exact match domain name in dot com is what every commercially established company requires. But, not all companies go for it. An exact match domain is defined as a term that is as exact as the search term under any online search engine. For example, if you’re typing ‘Mango’ and Mango.com or any TLD comes first – that particular company/website enjoys the benefit of the exact match domain. Similarly, there are millions of such terms and there exists a domain name for all such terms. It maybe a .com, a .net, or any other extension.

There exist several companies that don’t possess the exact match domain name for the search term that is commonly typed by online users to locate them. Also, most companies don’t possess the exact match domain for their own company name. And, here the focus is on the company name rather than the search term. Let me give you an example:

ExampleFashion is your company name and your domain name is ExampleFashionInc.com – It means the company doesn’t possess the exact match company identity online in form of a domain name.

Some reasons why companies don’t possess the exact match domain name

  1. Not available: Sometimes a company will not able to get its exact match company name domain name in the aftermarket. Because somebody somewhere in the world has already established a business on that particular domain name. If ExampleFashion.com is a well-built business website then ExampleFashionInc will not be able to get ExampleFashion.com Unless until ExampleFashion.com wants to sell it to ExampleFashionInc.
  2. Costly: Let’s say ExampleFashion.com is available and it’s not in use. In such cases, ExampleFashionInc can get it. But, if the price quoted to them is too high and out of their pocket. Then, in such a case, the company will just continue to use ExampleFashionInc.com only.
  3. Impact: Some companies don’t think their business will have a positive impact if they own the exact match domain name in relation to their company name. Many companies think domains and websites are just a way to go online. And, it’s not imperative to have an exact match domain name.
  4. Knowledge: Companies IT department or the marketing department just don’t have the knowledge that their exists an exact match domain name. And, they can inquire about it to buy it.
  5. Why a .com: If a ccTLD or any other generic TLD can do the job then there is no need to go acquire a .com exact match domain name. It’s the reason why some companies neglect the .com domain even though it’s available. But, don’t realize the traffic and more importantly the email issues.
  6. Budget: Domain names are like online signboard of a company. Imagine changing a signboard will cost you money. Not only that you have to print the other marketing material again. And, correct both in paper and in digital format. Changing a domain cost more than domain acquisition value.
  7. Fraud: It may or may not be the case – but, some companies become a victim of a cyber attack. And, this causes them to exercise more prudence and care while handling digital issues.

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