Abdul Basit Started Domain Consulting

When it comes to domain investing and domain names – one name which instantly comes to mind and deserves praise is that of Abdul Basit Makrani who owns and runs the AbdulBasit.com website and is also a successful domain investor. Not, only that, he is quite active at Namepros and has a very good engagement at Twitter also. Recently Abdul Basit Started Domain Consulting

Domain Consulting

Being in the domain business for more than a decade, has bought and sold domains for 7 figures (USD) in total. We’ve vast experience of all aspects of domain business.

Whenever it’s difficult to decide where and when to invest in the right domains, there are a number of elements to consider so we’re here to guide you to reach your objective.

We are offering the following services:

  • How to get started as a domain investor.
  • Advice about any particular domain name.
  • Advice regarding domain sale negotiation or domain acquisitions.
  • Help you to build your own domain portfolio.

Domain consulting fees:
For general domain consulting, you’ll be required to pay in advance for a minimum of 1 hour consulting fees ($90 per hour). For one-on-one sessions, we require at least an advance payment of 3 hours of time. Your prepaid hours must be used within 6 months from the time of payment.

How to contact us to avail our services:

Email —  abm (at) AbdulBasit.com

Skype – abdulbasituae or search by abm (at) AbdulBasit.com

I have been reading his blog posts since early 2014 and his blog is still going very strong. He mentioned today at his blog that he has started providing domain consulting services as you can see in the above image – he added a new menu ‘Domain Consulting’ at his website AbdulBasit.com. The following is the take away from the above page:

I think this is a good move. And, his website is a good proof of showcasing that he is successful as well as knowledgeable when it comes to domain business. I regularly read domain name related blogs and find the following Unique Selling Proposition when it comes to AbdulBasit.com blog.

  • He regularly shares most of his own sales to end-users – here
  • Regularly shares his acquisition and purchases
  • Shares his own portfolio available at domainsweb.com
  • Apart from the above, he also shares the UDRP wins in a detailed manner which is quite interesting and helpful for other fellow investors. And, lots of other tips and ideas for domain investors aimed towards making them a good investor.

Some of the blogs and posts where he was mentioned or interviewed are the following:

Through this post I would like to wish him the very best in his new endeavor of helping others become a better domain investors thru domain consulting.

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