Domain News for 14th July 2014

This is a new series I’m starting and I hope I’ll maintain it. Apart from links I’m also reviewing links directly by googling ‘Domain News.’ I’m doing this since last one month and found some interesting stories which I believe were not covered by some domain bloggers. So, I decided I’ll share such a news by giving a brief account followed by the actual source link.

So here they are: Google results for domain news for 14th July 2014:

How getting the right domain name grew my business:
One night at a domain name conference I bought a domain name for $2000. It changed the direction my business was heading – in a good way. I was a serial domain name investor, flipping domains and websites for profit. With this new domain I had just purchased, I knew that I’d be able to develop a car loan lead generation machine. Unfortunately, however, the domain name wasn’t a brand that we could wrap an entire business around…Continue

Now Scotland gets its very own internet domain name:
The Scottish internet is set to be born next week as the country gets its own national domain name for the first time – with the expected profits to be invested in digital initiatives proposed by the public.Signalling the creation of a national digital identity after eight years of hard negotiation, Tuesday will see more than 50 sites – including efforts from both the Yes and Better Together campaigns – appear online using the new .scot address… Continue

Bitcoin Domain-Name Prices Defy Drop in Virtual Currency’s:
Bitcoin’s 46 percent decline in the value since its December peak hasn’t damped a surge in prices for Internet domain names related to the virtual currency. Entrepreneur Niko Younts said he sold the name in January for $250,000 — 23 times what he paid a month earlier. Continue

Why Nigerians Are Sceptical About .ng Domain Name:
The Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NIRA), was set up by the Federal Government to administer the nation’s country code Top Level Domain, .ng, which is Nigeria’s identifier on the World Wide Web. In this interview with Senior Correspondent, EMMANUEL OKWUKE, President of NIRA, Mrs. Mary Uduma, speaks on efforts to deepen awareness, get government businesses online and deepen adoption of the country’s domain names and other sundry matters…Continue

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