NEWS – Man registered infringing Penn State domain names after being sued

The 80-year-old owner of Sports Beer Brewing Co. reportedly has registered website domain names containing “Penn State” as the university’s trademark infringement suit against him winds through federal court.

In a filing Monday in U.S. Middle District Court the university identifies the new sites as “” and “” Read

Keywords in generic top-level domains won’t help you rank better

It’s (almost) all the same to Google. Google treats the following top-level domains the same as it would .com or .org domains:

New gTLDs (such as .jobs and .how).
Brand TLDs (such as .BMW).
Generic regional TLDs (such as .london or .asia).
“Unless a top-level domain is registered as a country code top-level domain (ccTLD) with ICANN, Google will treat any TLD that resolves through the IANA DNS root zone as a gTLD,” the company’s Search Console help documentation reads. Read the rest

ZACR Launches Domain Security Feature

“Registry Lock is a function that can now be activated at the Registry level to prevent the unauthorised transfer of domain names for the following domain name extensions:| || as well as the four gTLDs of .africa |.capetown |.durban and .joburg,” says ZACR CEO, Lucky Masilela.
“The process is quite seamless, as it requires our channel partners (EPP-accredited Registrars) to provide the Registry with a passphrase via a telephonic validation process to enable changes, such as updates, transfers and deletes to be processed on a selected domain name. Read More

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