Rare two character Domains, .Sucks is costly and Is .College a Headache

1000s of rare two-letter domains hit market

More than 20,000 rare two-character domains have been put onto the open market today by domain registry Rightside. The company has the rights to sell domains under 38 different endings, including .lawyer, .rocks, .band, .social and .ninja, with just over 30 of them live.
Having received permission from domain name overseers ICANN to sell two-character names under each, the company has put them all up for sale at once. According to TheRegistrar

“.sucks” registrations begin soon—at up to $2,500 per domain
The number of generic top-level domains (gTLDs) available for use has climbed into the hundreds, and “.sucks” will soon be added to the list. However, angry customers eager to get their hands on brand-specific domains like “bestbuy.sucks” or “comcast.sucks” shouldn’t get their hopes up; according to MarketingLand, the domains will cost far more than most consumers will want to pay…ARStechnica

Why .college domains could be a nightmare for schools
On Tuesday, universities gained the option to register .college domain extensions – creating opportunities for schools who aren’t pleased with their traditional .edu addresses and headaches for those who now have one more extension to police for cybersquatters – people who unscrupulously use domains that falsely appear to belong to someone else.
Generation XYZ, which owns the domain extension, is giving universities until mid-April to register domains for free as long as they own the trademarks…Fusion

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