XYZ Going Viral With G is for Google

“Our registry is lighting up right now,” said Negari. When I checked today, I found one very similar postings and it was all related to Daniel Negari’s .XYZ top level extension being picked up by Google to launch Alphabet a new holding company. A Wikipedia page for Alphabet at the moment is not available for the Google Holdings. But, it may come soon. According to “The tech company announced on Monday that it would rebrand itself as Alphabet – a new holding company whose largest wholly owned subsidiary will be Google.”

It’s interesting that the Domaining community has welcomed this with a big smile and convered the relevant facts in their respective websites elaborating their positive shift to .XYZ TLD. Here are some of the posts from Domain Name Bloggers:

Boom! Google Builds New Company On ABC.XYZ

You Heard It Right, Google’s New Holding Company Is Using The .XYZ Extension

Meet Google New Parent’s Company Alphabet Whose Domain Name is ABC.XYZ

Google Launches Alphabet on

Google is now part of Alphabet, uses

Other Publishers:
Google’s just put this guy on the map

G is for Google

G is for Google

Goodbye Google? Search Giant Rebrands As Alphabet

What is Alphabet, Google’s new company?

What Google, I Mean Alphabet, Looks Like Now

And, there are many more links to it. As more and more people will access ABX.XYZ the more popular this TLD is going to become. When one of the Worlds top most tech and online company follows something the world follows. Lets see how it can spur more registrations for the new gTLD .xyz which at the present moment stands at number 1 position with 1,138,039 registrations.

When it was first introduced, I really liked it and also covered it in one of my post.
I like Dot XYZ More Than Any OTher New gTLD

Opinions from Domain Investors were largely negative for .xyz TLD but I guess it’s now changing. Thanks to Google and .xyz’s excellent marketing.

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