Outbound Domain Deals Are a Win-Win

Outbound domain deals are a win-win for both the seller as well as the buyer. Why? The buyer gets a decent deal and the seller is happy to make a sale and move further. Domain names of most of the companies are managed by the IT department or web development companies. And, most owners have little idea of how domain names work. So, it makes sense to present them with a good domain name that can complement their business name and branding in a better way.

So, when someone approaches business owners or their staff with a domain name that is good and has value for that particular company. A simple back and forth emails may result in a sale. The buyer gets it for a low price most of the time. Because most domain name sellers when they do outbound – price their domain names low so that a sale can be made. Also, sellers are more than ready to negotiate with business owners who want to fit a budgeted price.

In most of the situation domain, investors put their domain names at buy it now prices that are set at a retail value of domain or make an offer type. A business owner searching for a domain name finds a domain name reasonably priced high at buy it now prices. And, offer – counter offer – also goes on a different scale. So, a win-win deal is difficult when a buyer buys directly at BIN or through the marketplace.

So, I think, the buyer gets a better deal when the domain comes knocking on their doors. Most of the time the domain will be relevant to their business, will be priced low with flexible payment options. An important thing in outbound is the personal connection a buyer and seller will have.

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