Are You Using Two-Factor Authentication?

Recently I forgot the password for one of my Google email account. It happened because since long time I didn’t used that account. The usual way to recover the password for me is to use my alternate email address. But, this time, I used the phone verification. Quickly a code was sent to my phone from Google and with in no-time I was successfully able to change the password to a new-one.

Second factor authentication or two-factor authentication is gaining popularity. And, it provides an extra layer of security. But, if you lose your device, or if your device is compromised in some way it creates a virtual spiral of problems. Retaining the device and not losing it is important. I’ve been so far very casual with my device. But, this experience gave me an insight to be more possessive and to be careful with my phone device. As it’s not just a code receiver but can also be used to change passwords and account details.

To increase security further I’m planning to have an another phone number and a device just for the sake of generating two-factor authentication codes and to limit its use and not to make it easily accessible.

Following Wikipedia articles will give you more info:
Two-Factor Authentication
Short Message Service

We domainers always see the availability of domains when we learn something. I found ‘’ available and registered it using GoDaddy coupon codes. It has around 175EMD and around $9 CPC. And the is the real term which has 10K EMDs and $13CPC. In short it’s called 2FA and is an active site providing two-factor authentication service. Good to see an active domain on an exact match term. Most of the TLDs are registered with 2FA term but if you like new gTLDs then .link is available as of this post. And, I think, .link goes well for such a term.

10 thoughts on “Are You Using Two-Factor Authentication?”

  1. Almost all my domains are at and using two factor authentication. One of the reason to move out of GoDaddy was they didn’t had two factor authentication for worldwide users and limited to few countries only.

    I am very much happy to use this service and feels more secure. I would recommend every domainer to keep their domains with the registrar who is giving you the opportunity to use two factor authentication and is must to have these days.

  2. Thanks AbdulBasit, I’m at present had most of my domains with GoDaddy. And, in future I’ll transfer them out to Uniregistry in order to increase security. 2FA is really essential now a days considering the potential vulnerabilities that comes with online business transactions. But, I think GoDaddy may introduce it since they are aware that Domainers are moving their bulk portfolios away from them. Lets see if it happens.

  3. Even if they introduce 2FA, I will not keep domains with them. I am getting almost similar price for .com domains which are mostly under my portfolio. Also the support is great from Uni which you can either get through submitting ticket or have live chat at Skype.

    In case, you open an account with Uni, please let me know before that :)


  4. Sure, I will let you know. At present I’ve bought the DDC to save on renewals. So, will take some more time. And, like you most of the Domainers are recommending Uniregistry. I think they are now a very favorite registrar.

  5. Your comment indicates that it’s more than 2FA and prices and UniRegistry seems to be scoring high on those aspects.

  6. But for small domain portfolio owners I think GoDaddy is still a good option especially for new registrations that comes through coupons. What according to you should be the ideal portfolio size to move to Uniregistry.

    1. GD is only good if someone has plenty of time to check coupon codes for new reg names and is buying lot of hand reg domains. I buy may be max 5 hand reg domains p/year so those coupons are worthless to me. I need better renewal and transfer rates which Uni is giving me almost similar to GD.

      There is no minimum limit in order to start off your Uni account. I would suggest any one to keep there domains at Uni if you are worried about safety/security.

  7. Well, I’ve already made plans to switch over, just waiting to settle down with my domain portfolio, as you’re aware of my domains. And, you’re right hand registration takes tremendously more time whether it’s a keyword match or just a brandable. Lot of thought needed to do it right. Will update you once ready. Thanks again for contributing your thoughts to this post.

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