EMD Is Not Necessary – We Are Found in Google

Most of the business owner make claims that they don’t need an exact match domain name because they think that their website is being easily found in Google. It’s a great feeling to see your site scoring well on search engines as most of the users nowadays get to a particular website using search engine such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. It’s assumed that if your site has good content traffic follows easily. But, just having a good content is not enough in today’s competitive online marketing world. A good exact match domain is also important. Business owners who build their web presence on exact match domains have following advantages over those who use a non-exact match domain name:

1. Authority: Users associate authority to a particular website if they notice in search engine result pages a domain that matches exactly with the search term they are looking for. It means other websites although topping the results are likely to be ignored at first glance. Natural visit goes to an EMD website.

2. Direct Type-In Traffic: Having an exact match domain helps a business owner to secure some direct type-in traffic. And, it’s a well know fact that direct type-in traffic conversion rate is better than any other form of traffic generation. So, if a business is not having an EMD it means it’s losing some sales to its competitors. If the domain is parked the revenue is enjoyed by a particular domainer and if it’s developed a higher profit is being made by another business entity.

3. Search Engine affinity: Most of the search engines favors exact match domains in their top listings. For example DuckDuckGo lists in its organic results almost all exact match domains matching search query at the top. A well developed website on an exact match domain is likely to top the organic search pages even on top search engines.

It’s clear that to have a successful online presence one need an exact match domain whether developed or just in possession so that the revenue stream remains intact or at least it’s not leaked.

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  1. Thanks for the comment. An EMD with good website strategy always ranks well. Brandable names are OK but I still believe that businesses should continue to sweep the EMD’s to stay ahead.

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