Is Estibot Valuation of Domain Right?

I often check and which is powered by Estibot in order to research domain name appraisal. Its features such as exact match search, cost per click, ad competition and other factors are worthy of consideration. Most of the Domainers take clue from such appraisal tools and adjust their domain prices accordingly.

Well, it happened today. I checked Domain appraisal at and I was surprised to get this result as shown in this screen shot.


Just $130?

Certainly, no one will ever agree with this sort of valuation for a killer domain like A Domain which is worth more than a million dollar doesn’t deserve such a bad rating.

On the other hand, appraises at $42,456.56 which is much better than Estibot but still too low compare to its market value. We know that couple of months ago was involved in Brokering and were expecting $750K in sale. If was expected to bring $750k then certainly the domain is worth more than name.

Sometime it happens Estibot doesn’t properly recognizes the word or combination of words. I’ve a domain and Estibot reads it wrongly as “Howto build” and shows an exact match 26 searches only where as the Google keyword tool shows more than 1800 searches.

So, I thought Estibot tool may not be reading the word Bitcoin properly and I checked the other details as follows:

Average Monthly Search Stats – Exact Match – [bitcoin]
Monthly Searches:300,120
Cost Per Click:$1.18 USD
Ad Competition:low
Data Age:Recent

All data seems is OK above. But, still how come $130 valuation for a domain with 300,000+ searches and CPC above $1?

5 thoughts on “Is Estibot Valuation of Domain Right?”

  1. Well said! Hard to believe on some valuations these sites bring-up. In my opinion domain appraisal is not just limited to CPC and searches it goes beyond. Nice to know that you’re prepared to give 100x times more on current valuation but still it’s low. Thanks for your comment.

  2. I have sold domains which has no CPC and well under 500 exact searches in high four figures so appraisal sites for such type of domains is still useless IMO.
    Yeah, 100x is still less than actual value but at least I am offering far better than what the crappy valuation site is appraising ;)

  3. AbdulBasit, while they may be nonsense, they are at least worth a look. I also look at Sedo’s free evaluation, as well as You can gather some quick stats that you may be able to leverage in a negotiation. I also now always check namebio for similar sales, as well as spyfu for advertisers and money spent on keywords. The more homework you do, the more money you can make, imo, although at the end of the day, the cliche always applies regarding the name being worth what a buyer pays!

  4. I agree at some point with you but looking at Sedo’s free evaluation, DomainIndex or any other sites still doesn’t make sense to me. Let’s take example of some recent sales of Mike Berkens which are normally sold in 10-20k range and if you check those free valuation sites the price will differ a lot.

    Also I don’t agree with what the buyer is willing to pay… IMO, it’s all in the hands of seller. What I have is not with someone else. If I own, than no one in the world can own this diamond unless I am willing to sell at MY price. Similarly, if Rick Schwartz thought that a domain is always worth what the buyer is willing to pay than he would have sold all those domains in five figs at max which were ultimately sold in high six and seven figure.

    I think if the seller has the resistance to hold and good at negotiating than he can get what the domain actually deserves and not what the buyer is willing to pay ;)

    Never mind bro… I am just trying to put up my opinion here and one can disagree with me but I am always eager to learn something new.

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