What to Think of the Last Letter in Short Names

After a long time, I thought to share again my thoughts on domains. And, here is my article on What to Think of the Last Letter in Short Names.

Now a days, short names are in great demand from the investors as well as the end users. There are 676 (2 letters), 17576 (3 letters) and 456976 (4 letters) totaling 475228 names. In this post, I am not looking at the values these names or categories represent but I will be looking at the last letter and its meaning to the businesses.
Good letter-quality names are important but sometimes if the ending letter is a good one then the other letters doesn’t matter much. Lets see what the ending letter may denotes to different companies or organizations around the world. My focus is especially on businesses and here are my observations:

A: Associations, Associates, Animals
B: Bank, Branch, Bureau
C: Corporation, Company, Center, City
D: Direct, Digital
E: Estate, Energy, Engineering
F: Factory, Family, Financial
G: Group, Global
H: House, Hospital, Home,
I: Internet, International, Industrial
J: Job, Joint
K: Knowledge,
L: Logistics, Local, Lab
M: Maintenance, Market
N: Network, National
O: Online, Organization
P: Professionals, Program
Q: Quality
R: Retail, Repair
S: Service, Solutions
T: Transport, Tech, Travel
U: Universal, United, University
V: Venture
W: Works, Writers
X: Exchange
Y: Young,
Z: Zen

I’ve tried to put closely what a business may use the last letter so don’t take it as final. Thoroughly review the name before buying and most importantly before selling. The key is understanding the real worth of each 4 and 3 letters name.

2 thoughts on “What to Think of the Last Letter in Short Names”

  1. That’s the thing I think while going after any shorter names especially 4L .coms.

    You may also add some:

    H – Health
    I – Inc
    W – World
    Y – You, Your

    Would be good to see you posting on regular basis :-)

    1. Thank you AbdulBasit for your comment and the additions you’ve made. I am glad to have you as the only commentator :-) and thanks for the advise. I will try to be regular at blogging.

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