Why Some Companies Don’t Invest in Domain Names

In today’s virtual space having a killer domain name is important because it enhances the brand as well as increases the revenue. A domain name which is just been registered for the sake of web presence offers little or no value at all. And, there are some companies who think that investing in a good domain name is not necessary. In my observation the following maybe the reasons why some companies don’t invest in quality domain names. Here they are:

Lack of awareness: Some companies and their respective management team are just not aware that there exist a secondary market for quality domain names. They are not aware of the term Domainers too. This is the case with a lot of companies around the globe. If there is no awareness that domain names can change the fate of the company then there will be no action to correct the existing name on which the company has built their businesses. We often see hyphenated versions, long versions and other weird versions of a domain when in fact the right version is available for them to register. Even while hand registering a domain name some companies don’t choose the right one.

Cost Factor: Right domain name comes with a cost. And, if the Sales manager together with IT manager succeeds in making a conclusion that cheap name can also be used in place of a costly one then those companies are unlikely to contact the right domainer or bid in an aftermarket for a good name.

IT Team: IT department exists in almost all companies and IT team often are not aware of the value of domain name. Some times the IT is deployed to do an effective SEO on a cheap domain name to get results on top. They may succeed as a SEO specialist but just fails in understanding how brands and domains work.

Choices: Why invest in a good name when there are lot of new-gTLDS as well as ccTLDs are available? This too is a strong reason why some companies don’t invest in a strong domain name.

Above some of the reasons in my opinion backed by some companies to continue using their existing name over a good one.

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