Domain Name Hand Registration Is On Rise

Around 1.1 million new gTLD domains were registered starting from February 2014 onwards. It means almost 245000 domains hand registered every month. (Feb-15thJune).

One thing is clear from above, is that the hand registration process has begun again especially with the domaining community. It’s Domainers only who buys and reserves hundreds of names with the hope of flipping it for a greater advantage. I think the business community owe much to the domainers because domainers get those domains which businesses think are valuable for their business development.
Imagine a domain being held in no-use by a non-domainer person and when approached is not willing to sell it. In contrast to it, domainers are friendly and are willing to depart with their domain assets whenever they get the right offer. They make money and also allows the business owner to develop that domain into a powerful asset. It’s a win-win situation for both parties.

Now, with the advent of new gTLDs the same is happening. Business owners who are just ignoring the new domain wave may not have an immediate idea for the new domains. And, they know whenever that idea comes to them they can get the desired name from the domaining community.

Not all but there are plenty of domainers who are now hand registering new generic top level domain names so that some business may buy them someday. Domainers usually grab expired and names that go through auction and they not frequently hand register. But, the new ‘G’ wave has certainly changed this habit. Now, there are plenty of domainers who are hand registering domain names under new gTLDs.

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