2 Letter Domains: ak, al, am, an, ao, ap, aq, ar, as, at

Today, the following 2 letter domains are analyzed for the series:11-20.
Only AT.com is specifically listed for sale and AK.com doesn’t show any pages results where as AN.com takes you to another site.

ak.com doesn’t show any active web page. It seems the domain is inactive since last 3 years as Way back machine shows some active pages for the year 2009.

AL: All Alabama
al.com is a news website especially meant for Alabama readers. If you’re from Alabama-USA you might be knowing this site. Like other news sites it too covers local news, breaking news, sports, etc.

AM: Ackerman McQueen
Tagline: Master your identity in the new media landscape
AM specializes in innovative creative for digital, mobile, traditional media, video production, branding solutions, and more. The site is extremely presentable.

an.com takes you to doctorsWithoutBorders.org website. I think domains which are redirected may also be potentially available for sale provided the other party gets the offer the are looking for.

AO:Appliances Online
I thought initially it may take me to AOL.com but not. AO is a website related to home/office appliances such as dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, etc.

AP: Audio Precision®
ap.com is a website dedicated toward audio solutions and products. Three years warranty is provided on audio products. Site is more like a business site and it doesn’t connect you to social media.

AQ: Adventure Quest
aq.dom is a gaming website where you can play online adventure Quest game. Checkout this if you’re a game lover.

ar.com presently displaying search page loaded by Google. To me it appears to be a non-English language.

as dot com appears to be a sports related website in a non-English language but it has a English page too.

at.com is available for sale. When you visit the site it takes you to SEDO where you can leave your best offer.

By Irfan

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