2 Letter Domains: au, av, aw, ax, ay, az

Today, the following 2 letter domains are analyzed for the series:21-26. With this post the ‘A’ series for 2 letter domains will end. A brief site information is provided for educational purpose.

au.com returned a page not found error. The registrant is KDDI Corp, Japan. My findings showed it was an active website but now I could not able to access the website.

av.com takes you to Yahoo website.

aw.com takes you to pearsonhighered.com. Pearson is the world’s leading learning company which creates innovative solutions to improve student achievement and institutional effectiveness.
I not found any relation to this 2 letter ‘aw’ with Pearson but anyway keeping a 2 letter dot com is invaluable.

No results are found. Archive page redirecting to some other site and also at perfectnames.com it is/was listed for sale for $1 million. Can’t determine its present status

ay.com page is not found. But at Domaintools.com it shows an active website. If you find it working let me know.

az.com is an active website and the following informaiton is recorded from the sites home page “Welcome to AZ Search.
Since 2/1/2011, Search AZ found results 38000 times.” It has lot of other features, so check it.

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