Letter ‘I’ complete list of 2 Letter .com Domain Names

Domainers like Mark of Domainpicks.com, Shane of DomainShane.com, & Jason of JasonThompson.co everyday publishes unique good quality expiring domains available through auction at major domain aftermarkets. They usually start with a little article about domains or personal and then list names.

I regularly follow their blog and from today onwards I’m going to include this little stuff too in my blog before analyzing the 2 and 3 letter .com evaluation series.

Today, before I list the ‘I’ letter about 2 letter .com – I would like to question the branding of ICANN’s for the New gTLDs.

All new domain extensions which will be coming soon are branded as “New gTLDs”

The term new is somewhat seems to be not appropriate to me. They should have branded these New gTLDs as New gTLD2 or simply GTLD2. As already we have witnessed gTLD or gTLD1 in the form of .com, .net, .info, .org, .asia, .biz and so on.

The New gTLD term will be appropriate for the time being but would it be fair to call them New gTLDs after their launch or after a year or two passes? I doubt. Because nothing remains “New.” Would you agree with me?

Anyway, Here is the complete ‘I’ series of domains under .com extension. All would be for sale domains are highlighted in bold.

Currently it’s a one page site only with contact details.

IB Domains is a discount domain registration brand of ICANN accredited registrar DomainRegistry.com Inc. offering domain registry service for only $15 per name per year.

This domain name forwards the browser to Doctors Without Borders organizational website. This organization seems to have some 2 and 3 letter domains under their ownership.

ID: Intrinsic Development
The website says “Founded in 1991, we develop software solutions for customers using technologies such as C, C++, Objective-C and Java on diverse target platforms including iPhone, Macintosh, Unix, Windows and the web.”
It’s a great domain – I thought, it will be related to popular name ID’s but not.

IE:Intelligent Environments
Intelligent Environments is a global digital financial services software provider, focused on enabling seamless financial transactions and services across all digital channels, from apps to browsers.
I thought it to be owned by Microsoft for its Internet Explorer but it’s not.

IF:Intelligent Finance
Intelligent Finance is a division of Bank of Scotland plc and s intended only for people who live in the UK and are UK residents.

IG:Investors Gold (Trade name IG)
IG Group is a world-leading provider of financial spread betting and CFDs. It’s an established member of the FTSE 250 and have a market capitalization of £2.1 billion (May 2013). Check out their site.
Read about IG sale at DNJournal

This domain takes you to a search page from another domain name Jerusalem.com

II:Infinite Ink
Infinite Ink
writing and publishing about computing, mathematics, science, and philosophy.

IJ offers popular search service. Check with the owner to know whether it’s for sale or not.

This domain currently is listed for sale with a price tag of 1,800,000 RMB (If I read it correct) which if coverted to US$ comes to 294,190.00 as of this date. Make sure.

Contact the owner.

Website coming soon, meantime it allows you to create your personalized shirt. For $21.25 it allows this service. To me it looks great. As you can put anything on your shirt as you like. I tried putting domainjust.com and it works. But, not ordered. :)

I’m from India and happy to note that this domain is belonging to someone who is using it to offer Songs, Music, Videos, News from more from INDIA.

IO:Intelligent Control (Not clear)
The global leader in software-defined data centers

IP:Intellectual Property
Exactly what I was expecting. We all on internet leaving our IP by way of digitally producing stuff and IP.com offers you IP solutions with a higher IQ. IP.com is a privately owned company dedicated to delivering custom solutions to help clients capitalize on their valuable innovations.

IQ:Intelligent Quotient? – but not here
When you go to this site it says sorry – not available.

IR:Integrated Research
Integrated Research develops and distributes performance monitoring and diagnostics software for business-critical IT infrastructures.

This domain has recently been listed in the marketplace at domainnamesales.com.

IT:Information Technology (Not mentioned specifically)
Based in Washington, DC, IT.com’s singular goal is to help knowledge workers find the information that is important for them to know.

Hats off to this doctorswithoutborders.com. This is the 2nd domain forwarding to DoctorsWithoutBorders under I series. The big question here is will they be willing to sell these domains?

offer strategy, creative and production services that help Invision clients achieve their business objectives through 360-degree, global, 24/7, multiplatform communications delivering powerful, relevant audience engagement.

IW:Industry Week
It’s a magazine. Subscribe if you’re interested.

I could not access this page.

Welcome, This domain is for sale

iZ is the brand with which Zed launch its social gaming division to every social network. Zed is a global leading creator and distributor of cross-platform digital content and entertainment for digital networks.

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