LL.com Analysis: aa, ab, ac, ad, ae, af, ag, ah, ai, aj

Upon the advise of Daryl I with this post starting to analyse two letter dot com domain names. The format and rules will be the same which I’m applying to analyse the current 3 letter dot com domain name series. I will analyse what that two letter acronym full title is and a brief info about the company. You can get more info by clicking the respective website name.

There are around 26 letters in English language and 2 letters domain names are around 676 (26*26=676).

So here we go: LL.com series 1 – 10.

AA: American Airlines
As the name suggest this domain is configured to provide online services by American Airlines which operates an extensive international and domestic network, with scheduled flights.

AB: Allen Bradley
ab.com domain provides information about Rockwell Automation which is the world’s largest company dedicated to industrial automation. Allen-Bradley┬« and Rockwell Software┬« product brands are recognized worldwide for innovation and excellence.

ac.com webpage is not found. The registrant information provided at who.is is Accenture Global Services Limited.

ad.com page is not found and the registrant is seems to be using who is privacy.

AE: American Eagle
ae.com page shows you American Eagle Outfitters Men’s & Women’s Clothing, Shoes & Accessories page.

AF:No title provided
af.com presently displaying ads and no other information is provided.

AG: American Greetings
American Greetings Corporation has been a creator and manufacturer of innovative social expression products that assist consumers in enhancing their relationships to create happiness, laughter and love.

AH: Aurora Advanced Healthcare
Aurora Advanced Healthcare gives patients all the benefits of one-to-one primary care relationship, plus access to an entire network of specialists.

AI: Artificial Intelligence
It’s all about AI and the it’s provided by future media architects. (FMA)

AJ.No title
aj.com takes you to ask.com which is a popular search engine.

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