lll.com analysis: abo, abp, abq, abr, abs, abt, abu, abv, abw, abx,

ABO.COM is presently listed at Domain Name Sales. An inquiry can be made for getting the quote. The domain is serving a parked page with advertisements.

Automated Business Power® (ABP) is an active website. ABP is the industry leader in design and production of advanced, field deployable Uninterpretable Power Supplies. It got the matching domain for its business.

Albuquerque’s Internet Address is what you see when you type ABQ.COM. This domain presently launched an email address: MyName@Abq.com just for the Duke City but not free. At the moment there is not much information at the site.

ABR.COM takes you to ceridian-benefits.com. They also have ceridian.com. The about page says “Ceridian as a global product and services company delivering trusted results and transformative Human Capital Management technology, Ceridian helps organizations save time and money, improve employee engagement and increase productivity” They are using ABR to redirect to ceridian-benefits.com. The question is why this company opted to have ABR dot com and not some other lll as I not see any relation with ABR.

Always Better Service (ABS®) The about page says ABS as “Founded in 1990, ABS Computer Technologies, Inc. is one of the nation’s largest SIs (System Integrator) and has relationships with all of the top computer component and software companies in the world including Intel, AMD, NVIDIA, ATI, Microsoft, and many more…” The company secured a nice matching domain describing the service quality rather than some other names.

ABT is derived from Jewel Abt. The about page history says “Abt Electronics was founded in 1936 when Jewel Abt gave her husband David $800 to start a business…” It appears to be the last name. The domain is perfectly matching with the business name. It’s the largest single-store appliance and electronics retailers in the country.

ABU.COM is presently listed with SEDO having advertisements. At SEDO as of today it’s listed for sale at GBP 50,000 and it already showed 16 offers.

Allegaert Berger & Vogel (ABV) is an active website. Belongs to Allegaert Berger & Vogel LLP who are experienced, accomplished advocates who vigorously represent clients in complex, financial and business-related disputes, negotiations, and transactions. Based in New York. The firm has chosen a good domain reflecting their long title in a sweet acronym of ABV.

A Better Way (ABW) is a domain name which displays business pages of Info-Pwer International Inc. ABW is a software system with many business modules. If you’re interested in ERP’s and other business related software, visit this page.

ABX.com takes you to https://eurofex.horiba.com. To connect to it you must have USER ID and Password. ABX is in redirecting mode. Horiba’s File Exchange is a service to send big (large, huge, giant, …) files.

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