LLL.Com Analysis: adc, add, ade, adf, adg, adh, adi, adj, adk, adl

I would like to thank and appreciate Mark Hershiser of Vgrooves, Inc for writing about my LLL domain names serial posts at his well known domain blog. The following is the link

Today’s LLL are as follows:

I mentioned it yesterday.

Who don’t know add as a word. It’s the basic thing we’ve been taught early to make our life math easy. Well, the domain in question looks supremely premium to me and it’s presently benefiting from parking.
a snapshot of advertising I’m posting here, I think these adds are standard internationally.

I see Add as a mathematical and research like term but in above add there is no ads pertaining to research or any data company. But, if you are looking for medical ADD (Attention deficit disorder) then I recommend you to check www.add.org

Ade.com is not loading. Contacting the owner of this domain may help to know its status.

American Dehydrated Foods (ADF) Inc. If you like to read more about petfood Industry or you keep pets then check the products offered by ADF.Com.

Coming soon message is posted by Digimedia.com, L.P.

Neither website nor any parking page is displayed. Check the who.is to contact the owner to know if it’s for sale.

Applied Dynamics International (ADI)
Applied Dynamics helps companies make better use of simulation assets through all stages of product development, verification testing, demonstration, training, and maintenance.

American DJ (ADJ) if you’re musical then this site is for you.

It’s what you’ll say when you go and visit adk.com which redirects you to http://visitadirondacks.com/

Page not found error is coming, it means, the domain is for sale or it’s waiting to be developed. Contacting the owner might help to know more.

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