LLL.com Analysis: aeq, aer, aes, aet, aeu, aev, aew, aex, aey, aez

Here are today’s LLL.com or 3 character domain names analysis for the series 121-130. Only AEY.com is specifically listed for sale and all other domains are active websites or are parked with ads running.

aeq.com is presently parked with Godaddy and there is no other information

Atmospheric and Environmental Research (AER)
AER scientists and engineers help governments and businesses solve the world’s biggest climate issues by helping them to understand weather and climate risk, predict impacts, and take action.

Applied Energy Services (AES) formerly but today it’s AES corporation. Source
AES is a global power company which generates and distributes electricity to customers in many countries.

Advanced Extraction Technologies (AET)
AET Inc, provides process engineering services from quick evaluation of applicability to a complete Basic Engineering Design Package. AET’s proprietary technology includes the applications of:
Natural Gas Processing / Treating, Refinery Gas Processing, Hydrogen Recovery Unit (HRU), Purge Gas Processing, Monomer Recovery Unit (MRU)

AEU website is filled with third party ads pertaining to most of the prominent categories.

American Emergency Vehicles (AEV)
AEV design and manufactures emergency vehicles that are of highest quality in the industry.
It’s a great domain but when I checked AmericanEmergencyVehicle/s.com the result was surprising as both domains under dot com were available to register. You should not register due to trademark and AEV’s commercial use but AEV in order to protect their trade name should also register a dot com version of AEV’s full title.

AEW’s full title not stated.
AEW Global provides real estate investment management services to investors worldwide. It actively manages portfolios across the risk/return spectrum in both the listed and direct property markets.

AEX.com website currently displaying third party advertisements relating to finance, travel, electronics, health, software, entertainment, beauty, insurance and computers.

This domain name is for sale!

I could not gather any information for this domain name as the page is not resolving.

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