LLL.com Analysis: afa, afb, afc, afd, afe, aff, afg, afh, afi, afj

I’ve been not able to post updates for the lll.com series because of Ramadan Ending and Eid Holidays. I was busy celebrating Eid and spending my time with my family on a short vacation.

Anyway, here are today’s lll.com series 130-140 analysis. Those who are new, please refer to this post to know more.

On Afa.com third party Ads are served and no information for sale of this domain name is mentioned.

afb: No full title is provided
About: AFB is a consumer finance business that specializes in the provision of credit products to consumers. It has its operation in Afria, Ghana, Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe.

afc.com could not be found. Contact the owner to know more.

Afd: Might be American Funds
About: afd.com redirects to www.americanfunds.com which since 1931, part of Capital Group, has helped investors pursue long-term investment success.

afe.com could not be found. Contact the owner to know if it’s for sale.

AFF: Adult Friend Finder
About:Can’t access the page

afg:No full title mentioned
afg.com redirects itself to agc.com which is a glass manufacturing company.

afh: Title Not given
AFH Systems Group is a small group of systems programming consultants.

afi: American Film Institute
AFI is America’s promise to preserve the history of the motion picture, to honor the artists and their work and to educate the next generation of storytellers…

The following information obtained as of this post from afj.com:
DOMAIN AFJ.COM MAY BE FOR SALE, BUY IT NOW FOR $8,000 – PLEASE CONTACT domainnames ‘AT’ 4square.co.uk

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