LLL.Coms Domain Names Acronyms

LLL.com is a three character domain name. And, except very few LLL all others refers to an acronym. And, for each LLL character set there are many acronyms exists.

I got this idea to analyse the following:

1. How many LLL sites are up and working
2. What LLL as a registered domain name and full working site stands for. In short I’ll see which acronym under LLL became winners by buying the domain name and developing it out
3. How many LLL are still not developed and are offered for sale
4. I’ll be focusing on dot coms only sites


1. Each day I’ll analyse 10 sites based on LLL character set
2. I’ll be picking from this site the letters serially. Site

There are (26X26X26=17576) LLL results and all are registered under dot com
My job is to compile all of those domain names list by visiting site individually and recording the actual acronym if site exist. If site doesn’t exists then marking it for sale.

Creating another sub category under main category for recording the:
LLL.com acronyms active websites using
LLL.com not developed site and domain name may be for sale

as I continue my research I’ll be editing this post according to my findings.

By Irfan


To prepare domains for sales list at each 1000 names analysis
To figure out how many domains doesn’t resolve into a web page and list them as they may be for sale
To know how many lll.com sites forwards to other main sites.
To know how many lll.com based websites are operating.

To know if a company who owns lll.com also owns lll.net and lll.org version of those domains.

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