437,292 .xyz Count Today

Dot.xyz a new gTLD which got no attraction at all from most of the Domainers is continuing its run. Today as per the ntldstats.com the figure is 437,292 domains. It’s a way ahead of other new gTLDs that has hit the domain space over the couple of last months.

Yesterday it was 435,346 and today it’s 437,292 an increase of 1946 .xyz domains. If my math is not wrong in another coming 250 days it might hit the 1 million mark!

But, as Domainers we know that the number which xyz is claiming are not all paid registrations. But, it’s interesting that most of the registrants are opting to have a .xyz for their corresponding .whatever.
I think we need to wait till the next year to see a huge number of .xyz getting dropped. But, will it happen? Maybe the .xyz team has some other smart marketing plans to keep the .xyz number rising and not declining. Or maybe the registrants which I think mostly non-domainers who have little domain management knowledge may set accidentally .xyz to renew automatically. it’s a question many Domainers raised too. Also, seeing is believing. The data success of .xyz may create a fear in registrants minds to keep the domain and not to lose it because of its number 1 position.

Whatever be the case the .xyz is continuing its run and being on top of new gTLDs may help them to create a trust among the non-domaining community and which is in my opinion is vastly large and huge compare to the nano community of domainers out there. But, it’s also true that you just can’t take public for granted. And, if an individual think the cost of owning a .xyz is not worth his money than that customer is gone.

In domain space it’s not the customer support or service that matters most but it’s the domain name + TLD extension to which a registrant pays the renewal fee. If he doesn’t like the registrar service he/she changes the registrar but not leaves the domain.

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