I like Dot XYZ More Than Any OTher New gTLD


Of all the new gTLDs, Some have already entered the general availability stage while others are queued up. Dot XYZ is one among so many new gTLDs lined up in the queue.

Daniel Negari is the founder of XYZ.com, a new top level domain slated to go live in early 2014. The first time I heard about it, I instantly agreed that this is the kind of extension which may really do well in short as well as long term. But, to imagine this TLD may replace the power of dot com is just ridiculous. It’s good to find its position among top ten or 20 TLDs including ccTLDs but it’s not that kind of a extension which may replace dot com.

Well, I like .XYZ for the following points:

1. It’s generic and businesses and individuals may choose this TLD for their internet presence.

2. It’s not like other new gTLDs like .Sexy, .Tattoo, .Kitchen and many others which may limit registrations to a particular community. On the other hand .XYZ because of its generic nature maybe able to penetrate into many businesses.

3. It’s easy to spell and offers an advantage of memorability. This makes it a good choice for Non-English communities. Other most of the new gTLDs are pure English words and some are hard to spell and are not so memorable.

4. It’s a 3 character extension like .org, .net and .com. A website looks good if the right of the dot characters are limited. There are so many gTLDs like Kitchen, Construction, Accountants which have long length.

5. It’s global and may not be limited to a particular country. XYZ letters comes from English alphabets and in this age of literacy you can expect reasonably a high number of people being aware of English alphabets at least.

2 thoughts on “I like Dot XYZ More Than Any OTher New gTLD”

  1. Oh well .xyz! This is one of the worst gTLDs I have seen so far. We are surely thinking opposite on this gTLD but this one really doesn’t make much sense to me. I think .app, .web, .shop, .blog and few others might do well among all gTLDs but standout would be .web IMO.

  2. Of course, I maybe totally wrong. But, someone who don’t want to brand his website with a specialized ngTLDs like .app, .web, .shop or any other may opt for .xyz.
    It doesn’t make sense as a word but it’s often used to denote xyz as something which may means many other things. Lets wait and watch, weather it will succeed or fails.

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