Increase In Parking Revenue & Decrease In Aftermarket Sales

Thousands of new gTLDs are coming up and certainly it’s going to widen the choices of individuals and firms beyond .com, .net or .org. People instead of investing thousands of dollars in premium domain names may choose a premium cost efficient domain under a new gTLD. If it happens, the aftermarket sales for already existing domain portfolios will substantially decrease. In such case, domain market will become too competitive and which may force the sellers of premium domain names to lower their prices.

But, one thing for sure may happen is the increase in the parking revenues. Individuals with premium domain names may see a jump in their parking revenues. An individual owning for example: may receive traffic from people intended to land into domain.

Thus new generic top level domain extensions may increase the parking revenues but maybe decrease the aftermarket sales. This scenario is not a favorable one. If it happens, many individual domainers and companies dealing in domain names may suffer.

Keeping in view the changes taking place, it makes sense, that individuals and companies constantly keep an eye on new top level domain extensions and gauge regularly the impact these TLD’s may have on their existing portfolio.

Domain market for premium names under popular extensions may certainly continue to prosper and investing in premium names under new extensions is not going to be a waste of money but it’s going to be a wise investment step.

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