Matching XYZ Domain Usage by Registrars

Whatever be the opinion of domainers or businesses the new generic top level domain xyz ever since its launch was in news and limelight. Whether it’s free push to Netsol registrants accounts or a xyz domain for a penny, the domain community has witnessed it all. As of today as per the website the total xyz domains are 6,455,327 and it seems it’s doing good and will stay.

I thought to make a little online search to see how different domain registrars are using .xyz domains and here is the result. : “Finally! A domain for the .xyz generation”

Namecheap: : “Uniregistry is not forwarding the users to search and register a .xyz domain like the above three registrars. : It’s available for registration. I think NameBright is not much concerned with its registration as they are not providing new gtld’s registrations. : Takes you to an Uniregistry lander page This name is not resolving Takes you to where you can enter a search for finding .xyz name Its not resolving

Most of the registrars are using the .xyz domains as a protective registration.

2 thoughts on “Matching XYZ Domain Usage by Registrars”

  1. Domain registrar are doing all this to avoid confusion about their brand and avoid to be used by domain investor. But if they have trademark names, say google, don’t google automatically gets

    1. Thanks for the comment. Brand protection is important but at the same time it’s becoming difficult with lots of new extensions.

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